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Establishing a local classroom in South Rotterdam (Target reached)

Erasmus University Rotterdam believes that all of the city’s children must be given the opportunity to embrace scholarship and science. Our students are therefore always happy to head into the neighbourhoods and give lessons in Rotterdam’s primary schools. Erasmus University Rotterdam’s Knowledge Centre therefore works with CSG Calvijn, a combined school with Christian roots, in the pre-gymnasium programme (a pre-university programme that includes Latin and/or Greek). For more information, please visit http://www.calvijn.nl/locaties/nieuws-csg-calvijn/nieuws/het-pre-gymnasium-van-calvijn-vreewijk.aspx. To make it possible for more children to attend these lessons, we want to create a classroom location in the southern part of Rotterdam at CSG Calvijn. Students of primary schools in the southern part of Rotterdam that do not have the money to host the programme would then be able to attend the programme at that location. We therefore ask you to support us. Your donation will make it possible for children in the southern part of Rotterdam to fully participate in the programme from September. We need 7,000 euros for the lessons and the classroom. 

Tilly Schildt